My Travels

Enjoy the Trip


Adam Dewar Travel Vdeographer

I have always been a fan of exploring. Going somewhere I’ve never been just to see what’s out there. I have lived in different cities across Canada,  Australia and Scotland. I have visited multiple cities and places in Europe, Bali, Australia, Canada and the United States.

In Canada, I grew up and moved around the Hamilton area until I was 16. At the point my family decided to make the move up to Whitehorse, Yukon to start a new relaxed lifestyle in the mountains and under the midnight sun. My family and I didn’t just fly up there either, we actually packed us all in the car, including our two dogs and cat, and drove across Canada for 10 days. We stopped roughly around every 6-8 hours for the night. We spent two nights in Calgary to spend a day in checking out the Calgary Stampede, then drove north through Alberta and into the Yukon.


While living in the Yukon, I had a job working for a mine that was in the Northwest Territories, out in the middle of absolute nowhere. I worked here saving money to go to school in Vancouver, which is where I moved to in 2012.

Flying Overseas

My first time over seas was in 2009. I flew over to France on a student exchange for 3 months. My host family was amazing! Not only did they live in a gorgeous small town, but they took me over to Switzerland, Spain, and the South of France. We went to Chamonix and took the gondola up to the highest point on the mountains to view the tallest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc. I visited Avignon which is a seriously cool city that use to be home to the pope at one point so there is a wall around it. I finished off the adventure with a trip to Paris. It was an amazing 3 month experience. A year later, I went back for a visit.

Commence Living Abroad

Skip passed school and a couple more adventures in Greece and France again. I moved to Australia with my partner. We had a two vacation in Sydney with some of my friends, and then road tripped down towards Melbourne and then back up to the Gold coast to settle down for the year. We took small day trips out to the Hinterlands, the sunshine coast and Byron Bay. The place is gorgeous but just a little too hot for me.

A long month of Adventure

December 2017, my partner and I left Australia and vacationed in Bali for a little over a week. Rented a scooter and checked out the sites we felt needed to be explored. Surfed some waves and then went back to the airport to start our 30 hour long travel day from Bali to Vancouver. We booked the cheapest flights which meant we had 3 layovers. This was exhausting.

When we got to Vancouver we absolutely stoked to sit, have a dram of whisky and then hit the pillows hard. After a few days we hopped on a bus and went to visit my family in Salmon Arm. Enjoyed a family Christmas, went snowboarding and then went back to the airport to head off to visit my partners family in Finland. Spent a little over a week visiting her family in different towns around Finland. Then again, back to the airport to head for our final destination, Edinburgh, Scotland. This was and amazing month and some, but my god was it ever exhausting. Literally hit 4 continents in one month.

I’m not done though

My travels aren’t over yet, I am still living in Edinburgh and have plans to see more of Europe before I go back home to Vancouver. Below you can follow along on my adventures through my Instagram feed. I always keep my followers up to date whenever I see something new.