About Adam Dewar

Adam Dewar is a visual storyteller with a passion for creativity. From 3D Animation to Film and Photography, I follow my passion all over the world. As a Travel Videographer I use every opportunity I can to travel the world and capture moments to share.

3D Animation

It began with 3D Animation. With credits in Godzilla, Maleficent, Bob the Builder Series, Bob the Builder: The Movie, and a few others. I have the ability to produce high quality 3D animation at industry speeds. Though I specialize as an Animator, I am able to do every part of the 3D pipeline in order to create a full 3D video, from planning to final product.

A few productions I have had the opportunity to work on:

Film and Photography

Animating and creating worlds in 3D wasn’t enough to satisfy my creative passion. So I dove into film and photography to see what I could do with the existing world around me. I started by shooting videos and creating small edits for Instagram. Watching videos and tutorials online, I began to learn more about how to create higher quality content and used that in my own edits. I started shooting photos to learn more about composition, lighting, and post processing, and combined that knowledge with my video and 3d skills to create higher quality work. These new skills were enough to get me noticed and give me the opportunity to create videos for companies like Tagulan and Camp Yoga.


I’ve always been interested in travelling the world. My dad had come home from work one day talking about a coworker whose kid went on a student exchange overseas. The way he was talking about it made it seem like an actual possibility. Flash forward a few months. I heard there was a program at school that organized student exchanges over to Europe. After school I went home and told my parents about it and after discussing it, I signed up to go to France. I spent 3 months in France and loved it. My host family took me to several places around Europe and I had became so fascinated with the history  that happened there. That’s when I knew I needed to continue travelling. There is so much out there that I need to see and learn about.

Travel Videographer


PC : Mac Strong

With my passion for creating and my love of travel, how am I not suppose to love travel videography?! I love beautiful landscapes and new places. Capturing it on video and showing my perspective to the world keeps me excited. I am always excited to go somewhere new and create for myself or a brand. Being a Travel Videographer is the perfect combination of two things I absolutely love. I am always willing to shoot video for brands across the globe.


I started my own business, Dewarc Entertainment, with the intention to create quality video for brands in need. A few brands I have had the opportunity to work with..



My Youtube Channel trailer explaining a bit about me visually

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